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Article: Oakland's Scraper Bike Way & Scraper Bike Movement

Oakland's Scraper Bike Way & Scraper Bike Movement

Oakland's Scraper Bike Way & Scraper Bike Movement

Our limited edition Scraper Bike Team x Oaklandish tee was inspired by the founding of Scraper Bike Way and the Oakland-based Scraper Bike movement that inspired this incredible project.

In June 2020, almost a mile of road was repaved on 90th Avenue between International and MacArthur Boulevards. The street was converted from four traffic lanes to two, and upgraded crosswalks were installed to improve pedestrian and cyclist safety and neighborhood livability. The center lane was painted with colorful artwork in celebration of the Original Scraper Bike Team, who inspired and collaborated on this project.

The Original Scraper Bike team members have long advocated for safer places to bike in East Oakland. The team was founded by Tyrone "Baybe Champ" Stevenson Jr., aka Scraper Bike King, in 2006. Stevenson launched the movement to help local youth become more active and to provide an alternative to becoming involved in crime and violence. He sees the movement as a positive alternative to the struggles that defined his troubled upbringing.

A scraper bike typically has spokes decorated by its owner with tin foil, cardboard, candy wrappers, and paint with matching body and wheel colors. Scraper bikes are also often modified with BMX frames, heightened seats, or custom pieces to create a one-of-a-kind ride. Every scraper bike is a piece of art, built from scratch with different materials, colors, and customizations that reflect the artistry and creativity of its owner.

Scraper Bikes gained notoriety outside Oakland when the hip-hop group Trunk Boiz introduced them to the world with their song, Scraper Bike, which went viral, racking up over four million views on YouTube. 

The legacy of the scraper bike movement continues today, with Stevenson and the Original Scraper Bike Team hosting programs that serve youth living in underserved communities. The team advocates for safe streets in East Oakland, so kids to get back and forth to school, parks, and libraries without fear of accident. They have also created a bike share program so kids and adults can affordably access bikes. 

Furthermore, in partnership with the Higher Ground Neighborhood Development Corporation, the Scraper Bike Team offers educational youth programs and one-on-one mentorship to teach kids about bicycle safety and maintenance in neighborhoods with few bike paths.

They aim to use bicycles and riding programs to advocate for social justice, global change, creativity, entrepreneurship, and healthy, sustainable living in underserved communities.

The scraper bike crew is also proud to help promote green transportation and an active lifestyle via a celebration of creativity and a love of bicycles. 

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