Photo of Oaklandish employees in front of building with rollup door with logo.

Civic Pride by Design

Oaklandish started in 2000 as a public art project designed to illuminate Oakland’s local history and unique cultural legacy. After years of covert multi-media stunts around the Town, the Oaklandish brand of apparel was introduced to help support our ongoing calendar of free events and pro bono work.

Our mission is to spread “local love” by way of our civic pride-evoking tees and accessories, while creating quality jobs for locals, and giving back to the people and places that maintain our city’s trailblazer spirit. So, wear it well. When you rock these roots, you're representing and supporting Oakland!

We have been a certified B Corp since 2012 and commit to donating at least 2% of revenue to nonprofit and community partners annually. Here are just a few of the organizations we have supported.

To learn more, or to request a donation, sponsorship, or collaboration, please visit our Community page. To learn more about our B Corp certification, please click below.

Oaklandish is all about local love and local impact. We are committed to purchasing at least 50% of non-labor expenses from local independent suppliers and/or serving at least 75% (in terms of revenue) of local independent customers. Why is this important? Learn more about the local multiplier effect.


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