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Article: The Bay Makes The World Takes By DOC®

The Bay Makes The World Takes By DOC®

The Bay Makes The World Takes By DOC®

The Bay capsule collection celebrates the Bay Area's global cultural influence.

It was created by Dustin O. Canalin DOC
®, a multi-disciplinary Creative Director, Product Designer, and Artist from Oakland who specializes in sportswear apparel and consults with famous brands like Puma, Nike, Jordan Brand, Under Armour, Overtime and many others. 

The designs featured in this collection pay homage to 0. Canalin's roots as a designer with a message that reminds us that The Bay area historically thrived by embracing its uniqueness and fostering local talent. In The Town our validation originates within our communities rather than through external opinion.

O. Canalin explains he, like many others, learned this lesson by leaving. He says, 

"When Too $hort moved to Atlanta and the Raiders left The Town for L.A., the notion of having to leave the Bay for better opportunities was first planted in my mind. Until then, I was surrounded by the culture and passion of landmark moments like the A's winning the World Series, the 49ers dominating football, and Run TMC performing in front of the most lively NBA audiences.

So, when I chose to leave the Ba' and pursue my dream of becoming a designer, it put back into focus what I had left behind. I saw the uniqueness of my influences and upbringing as an asset. My surroundings instilled a particular kind of grit, hustle, and underdog mentality. I've carried this mentality and inspiration everywhere I go." 

Join us in celebrating those who spread Bay Area culture wherever they arrive. Unlike teams that leave the Bay— when locals leave The Town, they forever carry its essence within them.

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Instagram: Dustin O. Canalin

Website: Dustin O. Canalin

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