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Article: Oakland Run Co. - We Run Here

Oakland Run Co. - We Run Here Logo

Oakland Run Co. - We Run Here

Oakland Run Co. was created to celebrate and unite Oakland's vibrant running community. The organization connects locals to every running event and meet-up happening in Oakland, big or small, through its website and digital media channels. The organization is about the community first - running is just the excuse to come together.

It will also be the new home base for Mascot Sports' signature Oakland events: the Bay Bridge Half, Oak Run Co. House + Wellness Festival, and the nonprofit Oakland Turkey Trot.

Their events connect athletes, families and the community with a rare opportunity to celebrate in the streets, be active, and fill The Town with pride.

Founder and CEO Ryan Dawkins says,

"Oakland Run Co. is about rallying like-minded people and building a community around running in Oakland. We are Oakland. We live here, we work here. We run here. We want to inspire people to get out every week, meet new people, celebrate our pride in this great town, and be fit."

In addition to highlighting the city's numerous events and opportunities to connect around running, Oakland Run Co. will also bring together local businesses, people, and other resources that resonate with the local running community.

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