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Article: Small Biz Spotlight: Oakland Fortune Cookie Factory

A tray of colorful fortune cookies.

Small Biz Spotlight: Oakland Fortune Cookie Factory

As a small business, we know the importance of supporting other small, independent businesses especially during these times. It was amazing being toured by Alex and Alicia and seeing the process of such an iconic cookie being made by hand the same way as it was decades ago. And it’s happening right here in Oakland. Alex and Alicia are now running the longest-running fortune cookie factory in Oakland (established in 1957), and one of the the oldest Oakland Chinatown businesses period. Oakland Fortune Cookie Factory, creating delicious cookies, preserving generations of culture, history, and craftsmanship while adding modern touches. Take a look at this process and be as amazed as we are. And support by going to to place your order for handmade fortune cookies that you can customize with your own messages. @thefortunecookiefactory video by: @zeroluckslaps

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Khalil & Tre, with their backs to each other both wearing masks and red hats.

We Are Oaklandish: Khalil & Tre, Oak Boys

Khalil We started our clothing line called Oak Boys in 2013 to foster inclusion. We wanted it to be hard and have an edginess to it.  There’s always been a lot of Oakland merchandise out there but ...

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Guy in front of field goal wearing mashup design of Oaklandish tree and LC for Laney College and eagle mascot.

Laney Football x Oaklandish

At Oaklandish, we get inspired when we are able to honor and support local heroes who personify our town’s underdog spirit. So we’re super stoked to celebrate the Laney Eagles, Oakland’s grittiest ...

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