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Article: RE[VIS]: an artist market and customizing exhibition

Oaklandish x Levis, Sunday, April 22 from 2-5 at the Downtown store at 1444 Broadway.

RE[VIS]: an artist market and customizing exhibition

Oaklandish x Levi's present: RE[VIS]

/rəˈvīz/ v. to re-examine and make alterations to

Levi's and Oaklandish have partnered with ten of the top creatives in the Bay Area for an artist market and customization exhibition called [RE]VIS. Curated by Ant Banks w/ DJ JACK, SWEETEST THREAT, & SHRGGS providing the tunes!

The Levi's Denim Trucker is a timeless staple piece. Each artist will have two customized two truckers on display and will be doing a live customization of another jacket in-store during the event. This collection of custom jackets will feature different mediums of customization ranging from denim reconstruction, distressing and original art directly on the jackets themselves. These original custom jackets will be available for purchase at the event, and on display at the Oaklandish downtown shop through May 6th.

Please join us Sunday, April 22nd from 2-5pm at the Oakland downtown location at 1444 Broadway to meet the artists and to experience this live customization event.

Featured artists: Jjaahz @jjaahz_, Alex Suelto @swollenfinger, Ace West @aguycalledwest, Anthony Bankx @antbankx, Martin Bush @martybush, Jenni Riccetti @jenni.riccetti, Collin Casino @collincasino, Elevated Vintage @elevated.vintage, @elevated.youthco, Enrique Escobar @esc.95, and SB @sbezzzy.

JJAAHZ: Jassmyn Fowlkes aka Jjaahz is a mix medium artist and muralist from Philadelphia living in West Oakland, Ca. She has her BFA in Illustration from California College of the Arts. She has murals and artwork featured in the African American Arts; Culture Complex in San Francisco. Downtown, Oakland's “Town Biz” commissioned her with a 4-month mural feature. She was featured in “Into-Action“ in Los Angeles and most recently she had her first solo art exhibition with BOSK in Old Oakland. She’s done t-shirt collaborations with local businesses, such as Gogi Time and Mandela Foods Co-Op and has also featured works on “East Bay Express’s Queer-Trans Issue” (A Gaze of Their Own ). Jjaahz is a authentic reflection of Oakland's vibrant art culture.

SWOLLENFINGER: Through the years my stylistic approach has always stayed the same but at times constantly evolving as I get older, it’s been an never ending grind. My goal when creating wearable pieces of art is simple; would I rock it myself and how I can make that process time manageable? Though I use a broad selection of mediums and techniques my favorite by far is watercolor because I’m still learning how to use it but maybe it’s the other way around, maybe it’s really using me. I have spent a great deal of time refining my art throughout artschool and in the lab so there is nothing short of a certain quality I want to achieve when creating art. So I hope this journey can inspire others, be better humans and take shit to the next level.

ACE WEST: Arrington “Ace” West is an illustrator and muralist based out of Oakland, California. His works are shrouded in nostalgia, using cartoons to send truth and culture dosed in social commentary. Incorporating rounded shapes, abstract anatomical figures, and repetitive motifs his work echoes of escapism and journey to a place where the balance between reality and imagination are often lost. Arrington was born and raised in Raleigh, North Carolina. In 2012 he graduated from North Carolina Agriculture & State University with a degree in Design and Media Studies.

ANT BANKX: Anthony Creer or Ant Bankx as he is more commonly known graduated from san jose state with a BA in graphic design. After college he's made his name not only as an up and coming streetwear designer but also as a stylist and curator. Anthony has always been inspired by vintage 90's nostalgia and considers himself an elite fashion and sneaker Enthusiast. He believes that streetwear, sneaker, and DIY culture is an living breathing art movement that is still in its early stages of affecting the world. "Streetwear and sneaker culture have done away with the old value system and hierarchies. We are not just buying and selling clothing we are investing more or less in art. As a result the cost of a product is no longer a direct correlation to value. The value and status symbols are completely with and of the culture." - Ant Bankx

MARTIN BUSH: Martin Bush is an Oakland-born designer and aspiring jack-of-all-trades. Illustration, textiles, photography, carry goods, websites, this boy has no focus. His work is colorful, childish, and moody pulling imagery from nature, surrealism, and psychedelia. Martin is currently with Oaklandish designing for web, print, and cut & sew. Past projects include the Blum Oakland collab shirts and the Golden State Warriors black history month wordmark for the 2017-2018 season.

JENNI RICCETTI: Born and raised in San Francisco, Jenni Riccetti developed her love for sewing at the young age of seven. By age nine, she received her very first sewing machine from her parents. With the constant support of family and friends, Jenni has continued to blossom as a confident young designer. With Riccetti Clothing, Jenni is following in the footsteps of her late Grandfather, Alberto Riccetti, a master tailor from southern Italy. The clothing line is designed and hand-sewn by Jenni in her San Francisco studio. She sources the finest fabrics to create the highest quality products. Every piece is created with time, care, and passion to ensure that everyone can live the comfortable, unique, and contemporary lifestyle of Riccetti Clothing. You may have also seen Jenni Riccetti on Season 15 of Project Runway!

COLLIN CASINO: Based out of Oakland, California, the self-proclaimed art school dropout has been expressing himself through different mediums, cultivating his own personal style as an artist. After his good friend Vanessa (@vanessagiami) taught him how to use a sewing machine, he started his descent into the fashion world. Beginning with custom free motion embroidery, dyeing and reconstruction of vintage Levis jackets and selvedge denim, he then shifted gears and started designing his own patterns and creating samples in his basement studio. Currently, he is curating a collaborative show out in London this June with his friend Arman (@cultofarman) where he will be showcasing a handful of 1 of 1 garments with handmade neon signs of his logo and releasing his first 5 piece cut n sew collection.

ELEVATED VINTAGE: was created by a husband and wife duo with 10+ years of experience in the fashion industry and has been going strong for over four years. From its launch, they have curated extremely rare and highly sought-after vintage t-shirts and have been recognized world-wide as one of the top destinations for high-end vintage clothing. They started curating vintage pieces for their own two children and used the demand for children’s vintage clothing to expand the brand with Elevated Youth. Recent projects include custom vintage Levi’s jackets for Harvey Nichols, custom-painted vintage leather jackets, reconstructed vintage shirts and denim, and features on As seen on North West, they have become the top source for reconstructed rare and highly sought after vintage merchandise into children’s sizes. The duo will be taking the brand to new heights with their first vintage-inspired cut & sew line releasing this spring.

ENRIQUE ESCOBAR: 4th Generation Tailor and Technical Designer. From San Francisco with roots from Argentina, Bolivia and Guatemala. Other hobbies include: watching Star Wars over 3 times in one sitting and playing metal gear.

SB: My name is Said Bsisso Aka SB. Born & raised in San Francisco, Ca! Took on the art of cut & sew about 5 years ago. Most known for being the pioneer of the “Slim Girbaud” jeans! The start of those jeans got me attention from all types of stars from musicians to athletes! My style & work was something peopled tended to love & leverage too so people wanted me to create more than jus jeans for them! I’ve developed myself to become the go to celebrity stylist for the Bay Area & now sprinkling around the nation to work with more & more clients! It’s always been a quality over quantity lifestyle I represent & always make sure my clients are exclusive with one-off pieces!!



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