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Article: Grand Reflections - Emanuel Desousa & Oakland Stories

Photographer Emanuel Desousa walking outdoors in Oakland.

Grand Reflections - Emanuel Desousa & Oakland Stories

Emanuel Desousa discovered his artistic muse chasing Bay Area sunsets and sunrises with his camera over a decade ago. Oakland's natural beauty caused him to fall in love with photography.

He pursued his newfound passion and refined his craft while juggling a full-time professional mechanic's job. It was a humble beginning that nurtured his obsession with reflection and light.

He later honed his photojournalism skills by capturing snapshots that tell many and vibrant stories of Oakland's urban life. Emanuel says his photography has deepened his understanding of the world and made him more open to new cultures and traditions. His picture-taking adventures have exposed him to experiences he could not have found any other way.

In a Town where everything moves "hella fast," Emanuel encourages his followers to slow down, notice details and absorb the beauty. He says, "My work is an extension of what I see. Our busy schedules give us very little time to stop and see the beauty around us. I aim able to capture these moments with my lenses so we can keep them forever." 

Emanuel's photography indeed does tells us stories, some of which are shared memories from our mutually timelines in The Town. His photos convey an abundance of emotion. He wants people to feel something when they look at his pictures.

The emotional side of photography and the simple fact that a single image can tell so many different stories is what inspires him to continue shooting.

Grand Reflections captures Oakland's historic Grand Lake Theatre on a rainy night, highlighting its moody energy via vibrant, colorful light that multiply in the street's watery reflection.

The image on this tee feels like a love letter to a cherished hometown moment. We hope you adore it as much as we do.

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