Apparel of Social Consciousness - Black Panther Power

It is our honor to work in collaboration with the Black Panther Party Alumni Legacy Network and Dr. Saturu Ned, a former member of The Lumpen and educator at the Oakland Community Learning Center who’s also a current  member of the Black Panther Party Alumni Legacy Network. Dr. Saturu Ned's focus in this collaboration was to create "apparel of social consciousness" with Oaklandish.  

The Black Panther Party was founded in Oakland, CA on October 15th, 1966 as a revolutionary political group fighting against the oppression and social inequalities of Black people. The party's Ten Point Program continues to serve as a blueprint to social justice.

The alumni legacy network is composed of original Black Panther Party members and other passionate individuals, students, community organizations and business owners who have a passion for every member of the community to prosper and grow educationally, socially, and economically from generation to generation. In Dr. Saturu Ned's words, "wearing our gear not only sends a message of solidarity and representation but that the legacy of the Black Panther Party founded in OAKLAND, CA, lives on!!!" 

In purchasing items from this collection, customers will be supporting the Black Panther Party Alumni Legacy Network as they continue to educate the community about its rich history, and inspire the next generation of leaders. The merch collaboration directly supports their current Community Initiatives involving quality preventive healthcare, secondary education - financial literacy amongst youth, higher education, and technological education.

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Image of Black Panther Party Alumni Legacy Network collection gathered outside on grass
Dr. Saturu Ned leading and teaching youth in walking tour.
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