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Article: Ball Harder vol.2 by DOC Virtual Art Show

Ball Harder all in caps in gold, below DOC and then a collection of art and inspiration by Dustin O. Canalin.

Ball Harder vol.2 by DOC Virtual Art Show

Here are just a few of the images from Dustin O. Canalin's 'Ball Harder' vol.2 project. For the full gallery experience, visit here.

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Ball Harder gold arched text with illustration if basketball going into hoop, text below a collection of art amd inspiration by Dustin O. Canalin.
Drawing of a kid's room with toys strewn and bed.
Text I can do all things against sky blue background, in cloudlike letters.
Illustration of imaginary Ball Harder Curry stop n go store.
Giant Burgers sign with yellow arrow and palm trees.

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Oaklandish storefront boarded up but mural Oakland is still proud is painted on the boards.

Oakland is Proud with Del Phresh

If there’s a bright side to boarded-up storefronts in downtown Oakland it’s street art. We wanted to support Oakland artists and small businesses and so decided to commission an art piece at our fl...

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Guy looking down at the front print of his black hoodie, with Oakland in fluorescent green and Champion logo.

Champion x Oaklandish: Highlighter Collection

We've got another hitter here. Cop yours before this Highlighter collab sells out! We're glad to work with the Champion team to develop these excellent combo Champion and Oaklandish styles.

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