Ball Harder Launch Recap

We hosted a great group of creatives, sports lovers, and fans this past Friday at the downtown store. Dustin and Kari held court, and we all enjoyed the installation of prints arrayed throughout the store. We're honored to have the opportunity to host Dustin O. Canalin's work, and look forward to many more collabs! Check out pics from the installation plus limited-edition collab merch too!

Dustin outside the Oaklandish flagship store decorated with Ball Harder merch, wearing a hat and trench coat looking very dapper.
Framed artwork with hand illustration feauring a variety of characters from Oakland basketball history.


Artwork with a black and white frame, in the center a rectangle of blue with a view of a basketball net from below, hand illustration style.
Artwork illustrating a basketball player with basketball and closeup of the clothing.
Hand illustration of Ball Harder branded basketball.
hand illustration of a championship ring Champions 2018.
Hand illustration of a Town basketball jersey for the Golden State Warriors.
Dustin inside the store posing in front of four of his pieces hanging in the wall, from Ball Harder exhibit.


Five pieces from the Ball Harder collection, framed and  installed on the wall at the flagship Oaklandish store.
Five small prints from Ball Harder on a shelf above a rod of apparel on hangers from the Ball Harder merch collection.
Ball Harder signage displayed with copies of the book by DOC.
Photo of the art installation of performance photos from Oaklandish, with Ball Harder merch collection on hangers.