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Article: Oaklandish Unchained: An Afternoon With Kellen Knick

Kellen, wearing a helmet wearing black hoodie with Oaklandish text across front, on sidewalk in front of the Downtown store.

Oaklandish Unchained: An Afternoon With Kellen Knick

From the course to the street, Oaklandish family member, Kellen Knick, crushes freestyle motorcycle stunt riding. Catch him out and about or at one of his shows rocking it in Oaklandish. 

Video by @DirLuisMontoya

Oakland is the land of innovators, mavericks, and rebels. A hotbed for social movements and culture that has transformed the world. Oaklandish Unchained video series continues this proud tradition by celebrating the people of The Town.

Watch More > Oakland Unchained

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Luis in a studio seated on a barstool, very grey colors.

We Are Oaklandish: Luis Montoya, Filmmaker & Musician

I’ve always had a love-hate relationship with Oakland.  I found myself leaning towards the violence and negativity that surrounded this city in the early 2000s. It wasn’t a conscious choice. It was...

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Aaron smiling, with his drum kit on the shores of Lake Merritt.

We Are Oaklandish: Aaron Davis, Drummer

My experience coming up in Oakland has been an interesting journey. There are people who love me and support me, and others who dislike me and are not supportive at all. But, I’ve been living here ...

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