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Article: Town Anthem

Hazy photo of the freeway overpasses in Oakland, with cityscape in the background.

Town Anthem

We collaborated to produce this anthem for Oakland with 510 Media.

From the Bay Bridge to The Lake and everything along the Interstate, this will always be The Town. #LetsGoOakland #RootedInOakland 

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Brandon, seated in front of yellow flowers in Downtown Oakland wearing an Oaklandish hoodie.

We Are Oaklandish: Brandan Barlow, Oaklandish Team Member

I moved to Oakland in 2013 to start over. Growing up in Riverside, there wasn’t much to do because of the limited resources. After graduating from college, I reached a point where I felt like my l...

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Anna standing smiling in front of the Oaklandish Dimond store.

We Are Oaklandish: Anna Rodriguez, Oaklandish Team Member

Oakland has taught me so much and still does so everyday. It’s taught me to appreciate everything, big and small.  The Town is beautiful in all senses of the word, but our town folk struggle noneth...

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