Sorry to Bother You Q&A with Boots Riley and Lakeith Stanfield

We're so stoked to have the opportunity to bring you this Q&A with Boots Riley and Lakeith Stanfield as they discuss their upcoming film "Sorry to Bother You." Please plan to arrive early as expect a full house, we will unfortunately have to start turning people away when we are at capacity.

Film opens July 6th, so even if you can't make this Q&A, be sure to checkout the film in theaters!

Variety says: "Deliriously creative and ambitious to a fault, Boots Riley's gonzo debut extends the rapper's outspoken social critique to the big screen... The Oakland-based rapper isn’t waiting for permission to speak his piece, pioneering a new form of wildly inventive, highly confrontational satire that dares to question the system, pitting an immensely likable black actor (Lakeith Stanfield) against the fat-cat capitalists (represented here by a coked-out, sarong-wearing Armie Hammer) responsible for inventing a new 21st-century form of slavery."

Roger Ebert says: "it's not exactly like anything that anyone there had ever seen before. It is a hilarious, moving, crazy, ambitious piece of satire, a film that’s inspired by visual artists like Michel Gondry and the visual language of music videos with a mind-blowingly daring sense of satire that recalls the extreme nature of someone like Jonathan Swift. It’s definitely a cultural commentary on the working class, especially the minorities within it, but it’s also about a dozen or so other things at the same time. It is a loud, passionate pronouncement of a major talent in writer/director Boots Riley (from the great The Coup), and it’s something you need to see to believe exists."