Oakland Artist, Chonnessey Bowie, aka Chonto

We’re honored for our second collaboration with acclaimed Bay Area artist Chonnessey Bowie, also known as Chonto.

Chonto is an Oakland-based artist whose abstract expressionism explores contemporary relevance alongside critical historical events. His art explores hidden gems in everyday life that expose truth and significance.

This is how Chonto describes his Oaklandish collaborative designs.

"My Reaction is a reflection of a date I had at Lake Chalet and came across a homeless man saying some crazy things that I felt must be documented. 

"OG Chonto Face is a face I’ve been working on since 2017 and I’d say this is maybe the most popular face I’ve put out in the streets. It’s mainly serves as my graffiti tag."

"Watering My Old Friends blossomed into flowers of new ones’ is piece mainly about losing people close to you and grief, but realizing it just brought the opportunity to spring up closer connections to new people from learned experiences."

Oaklandish X Chonto limited edition tees are available now via online pre-order online only.

Printed in Oakland by the Oaklandish team, on made-in-USA tees.

Shop: Limited

Male and female model sitting on bench outside wearing My Old Friends Chonto design.

Male and female model wearing OG Chonto and My Reaction tees outside.