Jada Imani: Jubilee II EP

JUBILEE II is a Hip-Hop project with a timeless funk and soul feeling that's sure to be an instant classic with the perfect vibe for your summertime cookout.

Written and performed by Jada Imani and produced by Will Randolph V. Jubilee II is a sequel to the first Jubilee EP, released by Jada and Will in February 2021 to honor of Black History Month. Both albums are part of Jada's six-month EP series.

We are excited to announce that the album's creators have teamed up with Oaklandish for a unique merch collaboration.

Jada Imani is a Bay Area-grown hip-hop and neo-soul artist. She started producing live performances at Oakland's First Friday Festival in the Alan Blueford Center for Justice when she was only fifteen. She collaborated with them for three and half years, hosting hundreds of artists and building a thriving community.

She is a voting member of the Grammys Recording Academy and has collaborated on projects with Adidas and the Oakland Museum of California. However, her passion remains rooted in grassroots projects.

Jada recently launched a merchandise line in support of her latest singles and music videos in partnership with local women-of-color-owned businesses, including AVOCURL, The Well, and most recently, Oaklandish.

Will Randolph V is an East Bay producer, songwriter, and arranger.

He was born and raised in Oakland. He grew up surrounded by music and started playing drums in his church while he was still a kid. His father, Will Randolph III, was a member of Oakland's legendary boogaloo dance group, the Black Resurgents. 

He later attended the Berkeley Jazz School and Berklee College of Music. Will started his adult music career working with HS collaborator, SF rapper Frak, as his executive producer.

Since then, Will has produced and written for several Bay Area artists and served as a music consultant for online media, theater, and television programming. He was recently awarded a regional Emmy.

Randolph is currently working on establishing his record label, Wav. House, with business partner LJ Alexander II, with their first release scheduled for the summer of 2022.

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