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Article: Hueman ‘Homebody’ Exhibit & Collab Capsule

Homebody block text against multicolored background.

Hueman ‘Homebody’ Exhibit & Collab Capsule

Hueman Homebody event flyer

Oaklandish is honored to collaborate with acclaimed artist Hueman to launch a fresh apparel collection celebrating her newest exhibit opening this month in Berkeley, CA. Called “Homebody,” the show is monumental in scale, even for a creator who's famous for crushing massive urban walls with a spray can.

“Homebody” brings Hueman's ethereal murals, portraits, and sculptures to life on massive white walls via augmented reality and state-of-the-art projection mapping. It transforms a 20,000 square foot space into an immersive art experience, offering a colorful mash-up of Hueman's work with compelling audio and lighting. 

The exhibit scrutinizes how the pandemic lockdowns have changed how we see ourselves and others after living in forced isolation. It explores the outcomes of self-discovery that happened while we stayed at home. It asks us to reflect on our collective experiences in isolation. It urges us to explore our identities during this unprecedented moment while society struggles to understand how to adjust to a new normal.

Hueman created this exhibit for the East Bay community where she works and lives and hopes it facilitates some collective healing. Homebody is a collaborative event and will feature special programming and pop-ups, including live music by Yuna, Goapele, and Ruby Ibarra, art classes, and private group tours. 

Uniquely and impressively, this event is self-funded and completely homegrown. Hueman says, "I built this project from grit and passion with no financial sponsorship, with the purest intention to heal the community through the arts." Homebody is also partnering with a local non-profit Hack the Hood to help support their efforts to increase access to art and technology in the East Bay.

About the Artist: Allison “Hueman” Torneros

The artist, represented in her own artwork, futuristic.

Hueman is a multidisciplinary Filipina-American artist who refers to her distinctly gauzy art style as ethereal realism. Hueman draws on the human condition to create colorful mash-ups that are both abstract and figurative. Her unique freestyle process involves creating tightly refined compositions from a spontaneous beginning of paint splashes, drips, and sprays. 

Today, Hueman divides her time between gallery exhibitions and public mural work. She has also collaborated with some of the world's top brands, including Adobe, Lyft, Nike, Forever 21, Google, L'Oreal, Sony Music, and the Golden State Warriors. 

About the Venue: Ciel Creative Space in Berkeley, California

Ciel prides itself on being the top creative space in the Bay Area. It's a unique artistic sanctuary where creative minds explore, collaborate and produce. It offers 40,000 square feet of connected studios and workspace used for photo and film production, live-streamed conferences, corporate off-sites, private events, music performances, art installations, community activations, and more. Ciel is women of color owned and female-operated and prioritizes building strong, long-lasting, intentional relationships. 

Shop the collection: Hueman Homebody X Oaklandish

Read more: Allison “Hueman” Torneros, We Are Oaklandish.

The exhibit runs from January 28th to February 20th. 

For info and tickets email, call (415) 735-5352, or visit the Homebody website.

Hueman at work in her studio, wearing black jumpsuit splattered with paint.

One of the Homebody rooms with art on the walls and projection/sculpture in center.
Art with face and gradients.
A face, arm, flowers, with swirls and colors.
Painting with colors of folds of fabric, ethereal.


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