Girl Mobb - Nina Wright, Oakland Graffiti Artist & Muralist

Nina Wright, also known as Girl Mobb is an Oakland-based artist, muralist, printmaker, and teacher with a BFA from the Academy of Art University in San Francisco. 

She’s known for saturating The Town with dozens of challenging and aggressive street art murals that explore broad social themes in her bold graphic style. Executed primarily in spray paint, her art commonly features grim reapers, hot pink lips, skulls, and power symbols like tigers and fists.

Nina moved from Cincinnati to Oakland in 2008 and has become well known for both for her art and her teaching and mentorship. 

In 2017, she founded Graffiti Camp for Girls in hopes of adding more female perspectives to the local street art scene. The camp offers a range of programming designed to build the confidence and skills of girls interested in learning how to create large-scale spray paint murals. 

Since its founding, Graffiti Camp has hosted over two dozen workshops in the Bay Area, each one culminating in the completion of a full-scale mural. Nina’s goal is to fill streets and public spaces throughout the nation with female perspectives and creations. 

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