Oakland Artist, Timothy Bluitt

We're thrilled to collaborate with acclaimed Oakland artist Timothy Bluitt. 

Timothy B. is a graffiti artist, painter, and illustrator whose vibrant murals have lit the Bay Area art scene ablaze. His mission is to inspire greater visibility for Black art in non-conventional spaces. His work explores social and environmental justice and celebrates the vibrancy of Black American culture.

Timothy B. bootstrapped his way into becoming a respected member of Oakland's art scene. He started his artistic career working at Oakland Ink and Tattoo. This environment facilitated interactions with diverse multidisciplinary artists and helped him discover his natural affinity for painting and storytelling. Over time, he created a style of his own and made a name for himself in the Oakland mural arts community. 

Timothy has the perseverance, community connections, and ambition required to create iconic art. His unique Afro-Futuristic style genuinely represents Oakland's renegade spirit. His distinctive style is immediately recognizable. His best-known pieces include an augmented reality mural of former Black Panther leaders Bobby Seale and Huey P. Newton, a massive mural of music icon Kehlani, and the highly publicized Nipsey Hussle mural. 

Budget cuts have hurt art programs in Oakland Unified schools. Timothy hopes to help address this loss by fundraising for and building accessible arts programs. His vision is to transform school campuses into playgrounds for the arts with new art programs, murals, and entrepreneurial workshops for the youth. He says, "Art allows kids to visually depict their emotions, dreams, and solutions into a manifestation." Bringing art back into our schools will expand our children's tool box to survive and make the world we live a better place for all.  

Wanna keep up with Timothy B. Follow him on Instagram or check out his website.

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Timothy Bluitt - Oakland Muralist, Illustrator, Oaklandish Collab
Timothy Bluitt - Oakland Muralist, Illustrator, Oaklandish Collab