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Article: Celebrating 100 Years of Drinking Water With EBMUD

Celebrating 100 Years of Drinking Water With EBMUD T-shirt Graphic

Celebrating 100 Years of Drinking Water With EBMUD

We're raising a glass of healthy tap water to toast the East Bay Municipal Utility District's 100th birthday! We're celebrating this incredible milestone by releasing a limited-edition collaborative tee celebrating EBMUD's century of water service and applaud their enduring commitment to the East Bay community, our shared natural resources, and a healthy environment.

Some of the proceeds from the sale of this tee will go to supporting EBMUD's Water Lifeline Program a foundation to ensure that safe, reliable, and affordable water is available to financially vulnerable households in the Bay Area regardless of ability to pay. 

Oaklandish CEO Angela Tsay says, "Our mission is to celebrate Oakland and the East Bay, and we pride ourselves on having some of the best-tasting tap water in the country. EBMUD has served our community for 100 years, and we're so honored to partner with them in celebrating their centennial."   

The design on this celebratory limited-edition tee animates the EBMUD logo with imagery of San Francisco Bay and its flora and fauna, depicting the journey from the Mokelumne River watershed to the East Bay. It honors the connections between native vegetation, aquatic life, and human-built infrastructure that carry life-sustaining water to our community. A glimpse of the Bay Bridge marks the final phase in the water's journey, where each drop of wastewater is treated to protect the bay.

The EBMUD Limited-Edition Centennial Tee can be purchased online and in Oaklandish retail stores.

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