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What We Want: 10 Point Platform #1

The BPPALN, in collaboration with Oaklandish, is proud to announce the launch of the 'first wave' of our new educational series designed by Stealworks: Power of the People. The concept represents the hopes and dreams of the masses of people everywhere that we the people we can make a difference. By uniting against all things that are not just and fair the 'power of the people' will prevail because change starts from the ground up.

The portion of proceeds of sales from this collection benefits the work of the original Black Panther Party Elders still very much active in educating the public, and coordinating community programs that rely on the 'Power of the People' to thrive.

Stealworks is the artist name of John Yates, a renowned Bay Area-based graphic designer and agitprop disseminator. The 'Power of the People' crest design is a redux of the original 'All Power to the People' design by the artist created in 2020 that sparked the collaboration between BPPALN and the Bay Area-based AP2TP Collective - a mutual aid arts and design project to support the present-day education and community-building initiatives created and facilitated by the BPPALN.

This series is a part of continued Stealworks designs in 2024, paying homage to the 55th anniversary of Fred Hampton's Rainbow Coalition of united groups in joint action to combat against poverty, corruption, racism, police brutality, and overall improvement of communities through effective survival programs.

  • Classic fit t-shirt
  • 100% cotton
  • White

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Sale price$36.00
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Front view of white cotton tee with image of a What Want : 10 Point Platform # 1
What We Want: 10 Point Platform #1 Sale price$36.00