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This design is a tribute to our beloved mascot who rallied the team from '97-'08. RIP Sadiki Fuller! In the words of Pen Harshaw for KQED Arts: Sadiki would go on to dunk, flip and fly through the air at Warriors games, in schools and at social events for the next five years—a particularly downtrodden era for Warriors fandom. (As a New York Times piece on Sadiki notes, the Warriors went 97-281 during his tenure.) But that didn’t matter to Sadiki. When he performed, he’d go all in. He'd breakdance at center court. He’d hit handstands, and while inverted, he’d kick his legs in rhythm to the music on the stadium’s PA system. Solely by using body language—his face shrouded by a mask—he’d convey excitement.

Classic fit 5.3 oz. 100% combed cotton. Preshrunk to minimize shrinkage.

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