UnMASKingOAKLAND with Ever Forward

UnMASKingOAKLAND will be a deeply reflective experience and help people young and old see how much is behind the mask that we wear. Come out and have some fun at this interactive mask-making + art show. No art skills required!

Together with our nonprofit of the month Ever Forward, we will be making masks, seeing masks from all over the world, reflect on seeing others' masks and setting some intentions of helping those in your circle to feel safe #TakingOffTheMask. See some examples here. Please join us on August 30 at the Oaklandish Downtown shop from 4-7pm to experience and participate in this event.

The Ever Forward Club was founded in 2004 by Oakland Native, Ashanti Branch, as a community of young men who are setting and achieving their personal goals inside and outside the classroom.

Ever Forward aims to address the underlying causes of dropouts, the growing achievement gap of inner-city youth and youth violence in a preventive manner. The Ever Forward Club is a mentoring and youth development program for young men in grades 6-12.

Ever Forward is featured in a documentary called, The Mask You Live Inan exploration of American masculinity and how the hyper-masculine narrative of what it means to be a man, is failing our boys.

From the work in the documentary and after facilitating workshops all over the Bay Area, Ever Forward created the #100kMasks Challenge to bring communities to a deeper understanding of each other by recognizing how much we have in common. Ever Forward hope is that this project will help people all over the world to realize that they are not alone.