The Sounds of the Town

We have Oakland pride every day, but from 7 – 11 this Friday, our praises will be louder than ever. Music has always been one of Oakland’s most celebrated exports, and on March 2nd the incomparable DJ Dion Decibels will release a mix of the greatest sounds to ring out from our fair city. The album will include Oakland-inspired tracks that represent the spirit of the sunny side of the Bay. We’ll have 50 CDs to give away, along with live performances to keep the crowd moving.

For fuel, our friends at Fiveten burger will be slinging hot burgers, sandwiches, and those legendary truffled tater tots. Meanwhile, the good folks of Linden Street Brewery and Urban Legend Cellars will supply enough free beer and wine to make sure the crowd never goes thirsty. Come downtown for another marvelous night on particularly choice piece of land, last stop before the ocean.

A rundown of the festivities:

Mix CD debut and sets by DJ Dion Decibels (also available for free download here).

Opening act by Antique

Live performances by 1-O.A.K. and Do D.A.T.

Art by Jeff Meadows, with some extra pieces from Shawn Whisenant, and Colt Bowden

Free (and freestyle) haikus by Mario

Food from FiveTen Burger

Drinks from Linden St. Brewery and Urban Legend Cellars