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‘The Lock Sessions’ Listening Party Recap

We hosted Locksmith for a mixtape listening party and meet and greet on the 30th of September and had a blast!

Locksmith, who was celebrating his birthday, wanted to share the day with some of his biggest fans and debut his mixtape ‘ the Lock Sessions’ in an all ages event. The turn out was great and we could definitely feel the love in the air. There were fans who came from all over the Bay Area to come support, and Lock was more than happy to meet all of them. While ‘The Lock Sessions’ streamed in the background, with help from DJ Nocturnal, Locksmith cruised around, took pictures and generally hung out with everyone. Having some of the most loyal and dedicated fans is definitely a source of pride, and Lock was all smiles during the event.

After the last track on Lock’s mixtape, he grabbed the mic and did an impromptu Question and Answer session with those in attendance. While fielding all sorts of questions, Locksmith was able to touch on a lot of important subjects in his life and how they affect his music, in turn. The most notable subjects included social injustice, the loss of family members and learning how to gel when collaborating other artists.

To stay up to date on all things Locksmith’s by visiting his Tumblr, Instagram, Twitter and YouTube accounts. To stream ‘The Lock Sessions’ click here!

A big thank you to Ariel Nava who provided the photographs in the gallery above, be sure to check out his website:

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