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Tales of the Town Vol. 1

The classic zine, long out-of-print, is now available via free pdf download. So, read it on your computer or print it out to enjoy and share. Reading these now, you can feel the inspiration and innocence behind the movement in it’s inception, when we were just kids creating what we felt like. Boy, shit has changed. Extra thanks to Sean Goblin for helping to make these beautiful.

Volume I :: Society Page, A Monster in Lake Merritt, Secret Stairways of the East Bay, Professor Curtis Speaks, Radical Action Figure Set, Dan Fontes – Man About Town, Bay Area Aerosol Heritage Society presents: Old School Writer’s Ball, Afro>Futurism, El Rod’s Oaktown Underground, Late Night Eats, The Felix Mitchell Paradox, Reviews of Supershark, Donnel Williams, A Taste of Africa, and more. 6.3mb PDF download

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