Strange and spectacular: the 2012 highlight reel.

At Oaklandish, we consider it our civic duty to celebrate all that is strange and spectacular about life on the Sunny Side of the Bay. These aren’t exactly news items, but they embody the Town’s unparalleled oddball spirit. So for your amusement (and in no particular order), here’s a highlight reel from the past year.

The A’s were the underdog champs of the year, and their fans got just as much coverage as the players. As a result, Oakland taught the world how to Bernie Lean.

This tank rolled through downtown Oakland during one of the last Occupy Oakland protests, prompting us all to wonder: “What’s the gas mileage on that thing, and what do they do with it the other 364 days of the year?”

Night herons started commuting all the way from Lake Merritt to our fire escape — and this one tree on Alice Street. Watch your head!

We gave free tees to every OUSD’s student with a 3.5 GPA or higher. When they came by to pick them up, we asked them to tell us what Oakland had taught them about life so far. Their answers were smarter, funnier, and sharper than we ever could have expected (and our expectations were pretty high). Here’s what they had to say:

These mystery gnomes started showing up all over the Town. People kept asking if we were behind them. We’re not, but we’re flattered to be suspects.

The ghost of Al Davis revisited the Raiders field in pigeon form, and stole headlines across the country.

The Waiting Room — a documentary about a day in the life of the ER at Highland Hospital — won rave reviews across the country. It’s on the short list for an Oscar nomination, and the director, Peter Nicks, says his next project will focus on the A’s and the Coliseum.

The Tribune Tavern is coming to an abandoned landmark near you…


We took to the high seas at the 4th annual Radio Regatta.

Thousands of people came to Hiero Day for a free concert and block party. No shootings, no violent protestors — just the best of Oakland people and culture. This is everything that’s RIGHT about our city.

We launched the I Am Oaklandish campaign to celebrate some true Oakland originals from all walks of life: people who PLAY, EAT and WORK all over Oakland, and who strive to bring PEACE to our town. They make us proud to call this town our home. They are Oaklandish.

For one night only, Fairyland opened its gates to grownups — and a magical night was had by all.

After months of blood, sweat and paperwork, Oaklandish became a B Corporation! B Corps meet the highest standards for socially responsible business practices. They’re scored based on how they treat their employees, the environment, and the community.


The DEA descended on Oaksterdam and hauled away all its inventory. Take a whiff of the air downtown, though, and you can tell that there’s still PLENTY of weed in Oakland.

Oakland went electric when lightning struck City Hall during a storm. Epic photo courtesy of Damon Tighe.

Oakland turned 160 years young, and the good times continued to roll…