Shop Early & Shop Local

Many retail businesses are facing significant challenges and obstacles this year. Supply chain issues are driving prices up and making it very difficult to keep inventory on the shelves, while labor shortages plus factory and port closures are causing shipping delays. And shipping carriers are predicting a “shippageddon” worse than experienced last holiday season.

All of this is happening while small businesses are still reeling from pandemic shutdowns. These extra challenges are making it even harder to recover. All this points to the fact that we're likely gearing up for a chaotic holiday season.

So, this year, more than ever, we hope you'll shop early and local.

At Oaklandish, we're working hard to keep inventory on our shelves both online and in-store. However, like all retail businesses, we're experiencing shortages that we expect to increase as the holidays draw nearer. The arrival dates for new items and restocks of existing ones are unpredictable. Some things will arrive in time for the holidays, while other items may not arrive until next year sometime. It is pretty much entirely unpredictable at this point.

Our recommendation is to shop early to avoid shortages and shipping delays.  

We also ask you to consider the vibrancy and character that small businesses add to our community and neighborhood when planning your gift-giving this year. Oakland loses about $1 billion in retail revenue annually to retail stores in nearby communities and big online megastores. This is revenue that Oakland does not see benefit from in the form of sales tax.

Please shop local, shop outside the big box & give gifts that make a difference. When you shop local, your hard-earned cash stays here and helps pay for parks, schools, the Lake, and other things that make The Town great.

When you shop Oaklandish, you're supporting a whole ecosystem of artists, small businesses, and nonprofits who call Oakland home. We invest in our community and keep your dollars circulating so they support the people and places that keep Oakland beautiful, diverse, and vibrant.

Wear your Oaklandish with pride because it is so much more than a t-shirt. When you rock these roots, you're supporting Oakland and a global movement to make a business a force for good.

This holiday season, grab your gifts, rep The Town, and do good for your community!

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