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Riley Curry: The Splash Sister.


When NBA MVP Steph Curry brought his daughter to the podium for a post-game interview midway through the playoffs, I wonder if he knew she’d steal his limelight. I also wonder if he cares. Steph, the ever calm kid from North Carolina played the background as Riley Curry, daughter of Steph and Ayesha Curry, became a 2 year-old Internet sensation.

She’s only made two major appearances, but each time she almost broke the internet; and her fandom is only growing.

Splash Sister in the building

She stole America’s heart with her actions and her words. She tossed and turned on her dad’s lap, showing the blissful childlike rebellious nature that we all wish we could exhibit when we’re “supposed to behave”. While her father addressed questions about defensive strategies, field goal percentage and other NBA mumbo-jumbo– she played an impromptu game of hide-and-seek. Once she was spotted, she ran out into the audience, and disappeared from the bright lights…. The cameras were drooling for more, the Internet was abuzz at what they had seen, and the world had only caught a glimpse of America’s newest child icon. But she would return for an encore performance.

After the Warriors closed out the series against Houston, Ms. Curry made her second appearance; a showing that solidified her as a media darling.

Buzzfeed made a listacle. Blavity did a think piece about Riley and life goals. The Hollywood Reporter posted a video of Ms. Curry handing an Oracle employee her gum before playing hide-and-seek. Mashable noted how this kid’s appearance on the post-game podium gave birth to one of the dumbest debates of all time: should players be allowed to bring their kids to the post-game interview? (YES! 1. You want to know all about Steph Curry, well, here is his daughter– access granted… 2. How much scrutiny would he get if he didn’t involve his family in his profession!? 3. SHE’S AWESOME!)

There was a piece on MTV’s website about the kid. Newsweek dawned her as the real champion. And the NBA even published videos highlighting Riley’s influence on the game:



And in this world, where no claim is valid unless it is backed by data, the good people over at Twitter created a bot that tracks how often people mention Riley Curry’s name on Twitter.


And of course, like any Internet sensation: there were memes. Many of them.

This one touched our hearts:


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