Oakland Artist, Chonessey Bowie, aka Chonto

We’re honored to collaborate with acclaimed Bay Area artist Chonessey Bowie, also known as Chonto.

Chonto is an Oakland-based artist whose abstract expressionism explores contemporary relevance alongside critical historical events. His art explores hidden gems in everyday life that expose truth and significance.

Chonto’s art is inspired by Jean-Michel Basquiat, Jackson Pollock, Willem de Kooning, Pablo Picasso, and Rammellzee. Like them, he uses lines and colorful symbols to provoke thoughtfulness.

​​“Don’t chase the crown. Create your own.” - Chonto

"How did you get it so easy? You survived in a gluttony of shame. What are the first steps to your success? Did it take lives to resuscitate?" - Chonto

Oaklandish X Chonto limited edition tees are available now via online pre-order or at our downtown store (while supplies last). 

Printed in Oakland by the Oaklandish team, on made-in-USA tees.

Shop: Limited

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guy wearing tee with Chonto design in front of wall
guy and girl wearing tees with Chonto designs
three models standing outside under palm tree wearing the collab Chonto designs
guy outside wearing Chonto design, on rooftop of a building
guy outside wearing Chonto design, on rooftop of a building
guy and girl outside wearing Chonto designs
the artist wearing his own design