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Nonprofit of the Month: Boys & Girls Clubs of Oakland

Oaklandish is for the children! We could not be more excited to announce that The Boys & Girls Clubs of Oakland will be our Nonprofit of the Month for September!

The Boys & Girls Clubs of Oakland has a simple mission: to develop the community’s youth into positive contributors to society. Started in 1941, The Boys & Girls Clubs of Oakland has been committed to providing support and guidance to youths of all backgrounds, particularly those coming from disadvantaged circumstances.

Each year Boys & Girls Clubs of Oakland serves over 2,500 kids, ages 6-17, by giving them a safe place to learn, grow, and prosper, through ongoing relationships with caring adult role models.

Although it is rewarding work, taking care of the community does not come on the cheap. It costs roughly $850 per child per year to make it all happen. And since their future goal is to reach a minimum of 5,000 kids – which would make up 10% of the Oakland Public School District’s enrollment, we decided to step in and lend a helping hand. That’s why you should come by our Dimond shop (3419 Fruitvale Avenue) on Saturday, September 19, from 12-4 pm, to learn more about the great programs The Boys & Girls Clubs of Oakland has to offer.

10% of the day’s proceeds will go directly to Boys & Girls Clubs of Oakland to support the awesome ways in which they inspire and teach the youth, and instill them with values of confidence, respect, and responsibility.

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