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Nominate a 2015 Oaklandish Innovator

Oakland is known for its long history of Innovators– those who flip the establishment on its head, and reinvent the way their field is run for future generations. Oaklandish also has a rich history of supporting our local Innovators. A portion of proceeds from Oaklandish gear goes to support local organizations working to strengthen your community. For that reason, we are constantly looking for ways to add volume to uplifting voices and organizations throughout Oakland.


The annual Oaklandish Innovators Awards are our way of recognizing exceptional organizations that strive for progress in all areas of “Town life”. In addition to financial support, Oaklandish Innovator Award winners receive support with design, events, and social media– anything to get the word out about the important, trailblazing work going on in Oakland.


But we need your help! If you know an artist, nonprofit, or other group that you think would benefit from Oaklandish support, please submit a nomination by commenting below or sending an email to Deadline for nominations is Wednesday, October 15th, 2014.


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