Namorados Da Lua – Live @ Oaklandish First Friday

Oaklandish and resident DJ supreme, Dion Decibels, are getting ready to bring another slammin’ First Friday party to our Downtown store at 1444 Broadway. October 3rd will see Oakland’s newest Brazilian Funk group, Namorados Da Lua, take the stage during our free monthly celebration from 7-10pm. With beer provided once more by Drake’s Brewing Co., we’re guaranteeing that you’ll “agite seu rabo!”


Translated from Portuguese as “Moon Lovers”, Namorados Da Lua unites Brazilian and North American musicians with a common love of creating positive music with a message. NDL showcases a beautiful blend of diverse styles, incorporation musical influences from reggae, jazz, pop, rock and funk as well as Brazilian samba, forró, and Axe carnival music. Their music brings unstoppable driving rhythms, fiery lyrical grooves, harmonious instrumentation and original funk that makes them irresistibly danceable for any audience.