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Maker Spotlight: Oakland Dust

Ever since he was a kid, Lloyd Ross has loved BBQ. Now, by combining his roots in Oakland with his love for cooking, Lloyd has created Oakland Dust, a hand crafted spice rub that can be applied to all your favorite foods – featuring seasonings for pork, poultry, seafood, and steak. Check out our quick interview with Lloyd where we talk about about his awesome up-and-coming brand.

Oaklandish (O): What roads led you to Oakland? What qualities about the city made you want to settle here?

 Came here as a 3 year old and have settled ever since. It’s always been home.

O: What inspired you to start Oakland Dust? What was the professional and creative pathway you took in creating the concept?

I’ve always been a food lover and enjoy cooking for friends and family. Growing up on good BBQ (Flints) was one of the many influences for me. I love smoking a good pork butt or rack of ribs.

O: Is Oakland Dust a full time project for you now? Do you still juggle a day job?

Still juggling but I’m working toward making Oakland Dust a primary business.

O: Describe the process of creating your products. Has the process been refined over the years?

I’ve created and reworked my products more then once. I’m always looking to improve on flavor profiles. I’m never 100% satisfied and I think that’s important.

O: How does living in Oakland inspire Oakland Dust?

It’s my city. I just need to look out the window or take a drive.

O: Why do you think Oakland has become such a destination for crafty entrepreneurs in recent years?

Oakland is so diverse and just seems to pull together so many unique and creative ideas. Plus it’s just a beautiful place to live. We have it all and we always have. Maybe people are just now figuring this out.

O: How have you seen Oakland change since living here?

When I was a kid I never saw gridlock on highway 13.

O: Do you have any new projects currently in the works?

Currently working on a 510 Blend (spicy) and a BBQ sauce.


Oakland Dust is available at our Downtown and Dimond Oaklandish stores. For more info, check out

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