Made by the Bay

What does it mean to be Made by the Bay? Maybe you’re from here, born and raised. Or maybe you’ve dug deep roots here and it’s not just a place, it's your home. If you’re Made by the Bay, you’ve been shaped by the people, the culture, the values, and it’s left a mark on you. You know this place is like no other.

Made by the Bay is an effort to increase pride for our region and remind ourselves what we love about the Bay, especially in a time when it feels like we’re at a crossroads.

There is a long history of places responding to moments of crisis by finding a common rally cry. Take “I Love New York” for example. That slogan that we all know, even though we’re not New Yorkers, was created to promote the Big Apple in the 1970s when the city was facing similar challenges as our region. It was a simple logo meant to encourage people to visit New York City, but it turned into a badge of honor for everyone who calls it home.

Of course, our region has a proud history of comebacks, too. Over and over again — after the devastating 1906 earthquake, the tragic shooting of Harvey Milk and the tech bust of 2010 — we came out stronger.

You may have seen this modern logo around the Bay, on street banners or in shop windows, but the font within the logo first appeared in mid-century San Francisco on street signs. Those original signs inspired Hayes Valley self-described amateur typographer, Ben Zotto, to design the modern-day font, Fog City Gothic.


Made by the Bay is powered by Tipping Point – a nonprofit with a 15-year history of investing in the Bay Area and community. The future of the Bay Area depends on our collective pride and our willingness to fight for the place we call home.