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Live at Oaklandish DTO: Bang Data & OMF Artist Preview

Four days and counting until September First Friday! Join us at our Downtown shop (1444 Broadway) where we will be partying to live tunes from Oakland Music Festival artist, Bang Data at the official OMF Pre-Party.

As part of our OMF preview, we’ll also be featuring art from local artists Aaron Kai, Angel Diaz, Julia Budsnow, Ryan Whelan, and Scott La Rockwell. Each artist has been commissioned to design one-of-a-kind t-shirts that represent the spirit of the festival and the community. Come kick it with us, meet the artists behind this year’s OMF gear, and be the first to get a taste of the immense talent that will be gracing Oakland Music Festival in the coming weeks.

We at Oaklandish could not be more excited to be working with fresh, creative minds to bring you five exclusive new t-shirts, on sale now. Here is a little background on the artists we’re working with.


Aaron Kai: In 2014, post-pop artist Aaron Kai emerged as one of the Bay Area’s most prominent new artists, riding his signature wave style into his own world tour. Channeling the natural beauty of Hawai’i, Kai gained international acclaim in Asia and Paris during the ‘Aaron Kai World Tour’ in partnership with Official. Kai’s work interlaces the lush verdure of his small hometown of Hilo with street art from the big city. A longtime “hip-hop head” he’s done work with rising Bay Area stars G-Eazy and Kool John, among others.


Angel Diaz: Hailing from Oakland, Angel is a self-taught illustrator who draws upon themes from Chicano and lowrider culture. Operating as Puesorale, his work balances between sensual humor and “old school” Chicano street art aesthetics, with his work taking him from the lowrider mecca of Los Angeles all the way to the galleries of Japan.


Julia Budsnow: Based in Oakland, CA (via Vancouver BC), Budsnow (aka Julia Davis) is a public and private artist who explores forms such as automatism, action painting, community installation, and personal and societal mythology, while emphasizing scale. She coined the term “Neo Primalism,” meaning, “a new approach to ‘cave painting’ – an urban explorer that sits as an outlier to both the social platform of graffiti, and the bureaucratic channels of public art.” Using bold colors and strong lines, her pieces allow for an imaginative interpretation while clearly depicting graphic shapes and forms. Budsnow’s work has been collected by the Berkeley Art Museum and many private collections in California, Vancouver, and New York.


Ryan Whelan: Ryan Whelan, an Oakland-based artist and printmaker, draws on everyday experiences as his primary source of inspiration. In his own words, “I never leave the house without a small sketchbook and point and shoot camera in my pocket. My art relies on this ritual – it is my way of conducting research.” With his work, Whelan utilizes both traditional and alternative methods of printmaking, experimenting with variations on color, composition and texture. Balancing a sense of playfulness and control, he aims to create pieces that are meant to be enjoyed, yet still evoke a “more serious undertone of significance in each seemingly arbitrary mark.”


Scott La Rockwell: Born in 1978 in Watertown, NY, La Rockwell was raised by two working class parents, his father a career military man and his mother a bookkeeper. In 1981, his family moved to Pittsburg, California and, with the exception of stints in Boston and Berlin, he has been a gold coast resident ever since. Some have titled him an autodidact, a creative director, a designer, a photographer, a cinematographer, an artist and a typographer… But talk is cheap, so La Rockwell prefers to let his work speak for itself.  He currently resides in the “Funktown” San Antonio neighborhood of East Oakland and works on projects for Rockwell Creative, 510media, and SoleSpace.


 This Friday, from 7 to 10 pm, it’s all going down! Slide through to our downtown shop and show love to the local artists doing it big for The Town. Good art, good music, good people!


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