Klay Thompson x Anta KT4 'Klay Area' FAQ

Please do not call the Oaklandish stores. They do not have any more information than what’s listed here.

What’s happening? Exclusive US drop of the Klay Thompson x Anta KT4 ‘Klay Area’ shoe at the Oaklandish Downtown store at 1444 Broadway on Sunday, October 6, 2019 from 3-6pm. Only 200 pairs will be available, in sizes 8 through 11 inclusive. These are the only pairs that will be offered for sale in the entire country! Starting at noon on Monday September 30, 2019, you will be able to register for your spot in line to purchase your very own pair of the ‘Klay Area’ shoes. Registrations will be by shoe size and are extremely limited in quantity. At this time, all wristbands have been claimed and registration is now closed. If there are no-shows of pre-registered fans, those slots will open up on a first come, first served basis.

What sizes are available? The 'Klay Area' shoe is available in US men's sizes 8, 8.5, 9, 9.5, 10.5, and 11. There is no size 10 available due to translation from Chinese size chart.

Can I please buy this online? I can’t make it to downtown Oakland. Sorry, this drop is in-store only.

How old do I have to be to register? You must be 12+ to register. 

I registered for one shoe size, but I can I change it to another? Sorry, registrations are by shoe size and cannot be modified to another size.

OK – I registered for my KT4 wristband, now what? Please plan to arrive at the Oaklandish Downtown store at 1444 Broadway at noon on October 6th. If you do not arrive before 1pm, your wristband will be forfeited. You can then choose to stand in the waitlist line. You must present valid picture ID matching the name on your wristband registration in order to claim your wristband.

If I registered, am I guaranteed a pair of shoes in my selected size? Yes, as long as you show up before 1pm with valid picture ID matching your registration and can pay for the shoes by cash or debit/credit, the shoes are yours. You do not need to line up early. In fact, we actually ask that you NOT arrive until the event starts at noon.

Is there a waitlist? No, but if you are in line without a wristband registration and someone who does have a wristband registration fails to show up by 1pm, then you would be next in line after all the wristbanded fans have completed their purchases of the KT4 shoe.

I registered for a wristband, but I can’t make it to the store by 4pm on the day of the event. Unfortunately, your registration is non-transferable. In order to claim your wristband on the day of the event, you must show valid picture ID matching your registration.

Can I bring my family and friends? Sorry, only fans with wristbands will be allowed inside the store during the event.

How much does the KT4 ‘Klay Area’ shoe cost? Once you have your wristband, you will proceed to the counter to pay for your shoes. You can only purchase one pair, and they must be in the size that your registration is for. You can pay by cash or debit/credit card. If paying by card, you will need to have picture ID matching your card. No gift cards accepted. Retail price is $139.99 plus tax.

Can I try on the shoes before I purchase? Sorry, no.

Can I return the shoes if they don’t fit? Sorry, all sales of the shoe are final sale, no returns or exchanges.