June Nonprofit of the Month: Gameheads

We're stoked to announce that our nonprofit of the month is Gameheads! On June 25th, Gameheads will host an e-sports tournament at Oaklandish's downtown store. This is Gameheads vs. Oakland! Brought to you by Oaklandish, Stiikx Gaming and Gameheads, we will challenge ANYBODY who walks into the clothing store from 5pm - 8pm in SMASH for the Wii U, Fortnite, Mortal Combat X, Madden, NBA2K and Street Fighter V. Come and get these hands, Oakland!

Gameheads is a tech training program that uses video game design, development and DevOps to develop diverse talent and bold new voices, train young people (ages 11-25) for the tech eco-system, and prepare them for college, career and civic life. They offer DevOps training, video game design and development training, educational counseling, personal and professional development, middle school programming and free hardware and software.

Gameheads' vision is to contribute to a world where low-income youth and youth of color are equipped to thrive and succeed in any field they choose, especially the tech and video game industries.