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First Friday with Club Crasherz

We were on hiatus for January First Friday, but we said we’d be back, and the Club Crasherz will bring you into 2013 with pop, verve, flash, and fun.

Club Crasherz will perform around 9pm, with First Friday at Oaklandish running from 7-11pm. Before and after the live set, we’ll be featuring our own DJ Criddy Mac spinning R&B and hip-hop for the grooves and moves. As always, FiveTen Burger, Linden Street, and Urban Legend will be doing their part to support the festivities.

PinkMinxx & Jimi Rezidu are two solo artists whose creative chemistry and explosive performance formed them into a dynamic duo. PinkMinxx is the modern Mae West, with sultry, gutsy vocals, grit and class, strength and fearlessness. Jimi Rezidu is the electronic brain and the heart behind the beats, with a futuristic style. Together they call themselves Club Crasherz. They joined forces when they would pop up at nightclubs, parties and after hours in the LA scene and deliver a precise, in the moment, and unexpected performance.

Club Crasherz sound is an innovative blend on dance pop, electro house, and infuses dancehall, rock, and golden-age hip-hop. This combined with their performance they define as Über Pop. They are pure FUN and promote a world of togetherness and are accessible to everyone. Their music is 100% original work composed and written by Team Bubble. Their songs are authentic, versatile and reach a vast array of audiences.

“Club Crasherz mission through their authentic and versatile songs is to encourage fearlessness, guts, and strength, express pure fun and promote a world of togetherness. They are the face of cutting edge music straight from the Bay Area with an innovative blend on dance pop, electro house, and infuses dancehall, rock, and golden-age hip-hop making them accessible to everyone.”

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