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#Fairyland4GrownUps FAQ: Get in the Know!


For many Oaklanders, Fairyland is shrouded in mystery. The park is famous for its attractions and providing great experiences for East Bay families including animal therapy for children who have experienced trauma, and providing free field trips for underserved schools. With Fairyland being off-limits to adults, unless they’re accompanying a kid, #Fairyland4GrownUps, on Friday August 12th, will be a glorious evening where adults get a chance to experience this Oakland icon! You’ve probably got questions, and we’ve got answers! Wonders await.

When and where is this happening? 
The Fairyland gates will open for grownups on Friday, August 12th, from 7-10 pm. You can enter at the main gates (look for the big shoe). The official address is 699 Bellevue Avenue. You can visit the Fairyland website for directions and parking info:

We will start pre-screening folks at 6:30 so that you can enter the gates right at 7 for the full experience. Have your ID and ticket ready at pre-screen so we can keep things speedy! Leave unnecessary bags and bulky items at home!

What’s actually happening at the party? 
There will be a giant dance party over in the Old West Junction, presided over by DJ Dion Decibels. There will also be puppet shows and other surprise attractions around the park. We’ll have beer and wine (included in the ticket price), a bunch of Oakland’s finest food vendors will be slinging snacks on the grass! And the best part: you’ll be allowed to explore the entire park, from the pirate ship to the card maze. The rides won’t be operating though, because rides and adult bevvies don’t mix. (Note: you won’t be able to go to the top of the pirate ship or go down the dragon slide).

Which local food and drink vendors should I expect to see there? The list is not 100% finalized, but as of right now Drake’s, Pacific Coast Brewery and Ale Industries will be on hand providing select beverages. Plan for Mamacita’s Cafe, Sugar Knife, Taco Sinaloa, Tara’s Organic Ice Cream, Red Boy Pizza, Go Streatery, and Fairyland’s own Johnny Appleseed Cafe to provide the snacks!

How much do the tickets cost? 
Tickets are $30 a person and are limited to 4 per person. They will be available for in-store purchase at BOSK starting Saturday, July 23 at 10am. All tickets are pre-sale only so there won’t be any extras for sale at the gate. Reminder that admission is for adults aged 21+. Ticket proceeds benefit Fairyland, helping them keep admissions low (or even free) for local kids. Fairyland has lots of amazing outreach programs: camp scholarships for low-income kids, animal therapy for children with developmental issues, and free field trips for students. This party will help keep those programs running, so thanks for your support!

Do I need to bring anything? 
All you REALLY need to bring is your ticket and ID, but we’d recommend carrying some extra cash for food vendors and Fairyland souvenirs! Fairyland will have Magic Keys available that activate storybook boxes around the park and they’ll even have their special edition pewter magic keys!

And since this is a kiddie park, please don’t bring anything you wouldn’t want a toddler picking up off the ground in the morning (like cigarettes, glass bottles, etc).

I bought a ticket, and now I can’t go to the party. Can I give my spot to a friend?
 Sure! If you want to give your physical ticket to someone else, that’s no problem. Tickets and proof that you’re over 21 are all you need for entry.

Do I need to wear a costume? 
Not at all. Fairyland accepts all dreamers, regardless of their attire. Lots of people do wear costumes, though. And come on…you know you’ll probably have more fun in a tutu.

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