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California Honeydrops at First Friday!

It’s a good week to be an Oaklander. Summer weather is finally here, and the A’s just beat the odds to make it into the playoffs. This First Friday (October 5th), the beloved California Honeydrops are playing for free at the Oaklandish store, so we can all celebrate like champions.

The California Honeydrops got their start four years ago, playing in the subway stations of Oakland. By 2009, the National Blues Foundation dubbed them the “Best New Artist” in the land. Since then, they’ve spread their sweet East Bay sound around the world, with tours across Europ and America. Their music embraces the roots of American music: blues, gospel, second line New Orleans jazz, and early R&B. In the Town, they’ve earned a reputation for getting even the unlikeliest people out of their seats and into the floor to dance and sing along.

The festivities will run from 7 to 11, with our free Oakland-brewed refreshments from our stalwart friends at Linden Street Brewery and Urban Legend Cellars. The food folks at FiveTen Burger will be parked curbside, slinging the finest in East Bay grease.

Our resident DJ Dion Decibels will keep the crowd moving all night long, and the main act should go on by 9 — but as always, you’ll want to come early to get the best spot.

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