Art Murmur: we have a winner!

It’s an official fact: Oakland has more artists per capita than any other city in the US. And one Friday a month, they emerge from their haunts to roam the streets and ply their wares at Art Murmur.

But today, one artist rules them all. Rene Mijares sketched the winning design for the brand-new Art Murmur shirt — a supernatural neon conga line.
As the winning artist, Rene walks away with a stash of new shirts, tickets to the Oakland Museum, and a fistful of cash. In exchange, Oakland gets another piece of wearable local art — and proceeds from the shirt will go towards helping Art Murmur make this town an even better breeding ground for the art world’s next all-stars.

The first batch of Art Murmur shirts will be available at 6pm on Friday, August 5th, at the Oaklandish Mobile Ops Rig on 23rd St. Support your local Murmur, and look good doing it!