4th of July in Oakland

The bad news: it’s only Tuesday. The good news: there’s BBQ at the end of the tunnel.

This Saturday, America will be celebrating Independence Day! And with that comes baseball, BBQs and fireworks! A couple of days ago, ABC’s local station published a list of places to enjoy the holiday weekend in the Bay.

The list included landmark places like Fisherman’s Wharf, and the Berkeley Marina. The list is extensive, with parties and events stretching from Napa to San Jose. We thought it’d be cool to share this list with you, and offer a couple of places specifically for Oaklanders.


1. Skyline Blvd — there are plenty of places where you can park, see all of Oakland and out to San Francisco on a clear night. (Cross your fingers for a clear July 4th!)

2. Alameda Naval Air Station — strategically located (as a Naval Base should be). And very underused. The base is spooky after sunset, and some parts may be off limits. So, if you get caught: we didn’t send you!

3. Atop a public parking structure — pick one. Any one. As long as it’s made for public parking and it isn’t closed, it’s fair game. Some suggestions are Children’s Hospital parking lot, Jack London Square parking lot across from the movie theatre or the Bay Street parking lot in Emeryville.

4. Up by the Caldecott tunnel — the view is spectacular. Even if you don’t go up there for the 4th of July, just go up there. Sometime in July. Take a camera and enjoy yourself.

Whatever you choose to do, be safe! Remember, fireworks are illegal in Oakland — unless you’re permitted, like the good people at the Coliseum. Which reminds us! The Oakland A’s will be getting the celebration started early with a firework show on July 3rd!

Happy Independence Day weekend, Oakland!